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CONIWAS 2023 Annual General Meeting: Reflecting on Achievements, Electing New Leadership

On the 3rd of October 2023, at Sunlodge Hotel Tesano, the Coalition of NGOs in Water Sanitation (CONIWAS) convened its highly anticipated 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM). This crucial gathering aimed to assess the progress made, conduct policy reviews, and, significantly, elect new executive members to steer the coalition into the next phase of its service.

Financial Performance and Project Implementation:

The AGM commenced with a meticulous examination of CONIWAS’ financial performance, revealing substantial growth and financial stability. Members and stakeholders were delighted to learn about the successful implementation of key projects and initiatives, all of which left a positive impact on both the organization and the broader sector.

Activities and Achievements:

Mrs. Basilia Nanbigne, the Executive Secretary, presented an insightful overview of the year’s activities and achievements. Notable highlights included the development of CONIWAS’ strategic plan, the initiation of the Ghana WASH week, and the revision and approval of CONIWAS’ constitution. The coalition’s successful partnership with the GAMA/GKAMA Sanitation and Water Project and various capacity-building initiatives for members were also outlined.

Advocacy and Government Engagement:

The Executive Secretary provided a comprehensive account of CONIWAS’ calls and engagements with the government throughout the year. These included appeals for increased sector financing, strengthened coordination, system strengthening in the WASH sector, and the establishment of the National Sanitation Authority. Additionally, calls for policy reviews, tax exemptions on menstrual products, improved WASH in schools and health facilities, and increased water safety planning were emphasized.

Advocacy and Policy Influencing:

The annual report documented CONIWAS’ involvement in advocacy and policy influencing activities, such as the Mole XXXIV Conference, World Toilet Day commemoration with Child Sanitation Diplomats, and engagements with the Parliamentary Select Committee for WASH on budget allocations.

Knowledge Management and Learning:

Under Knowledge Management and Learning, the AGM highlighted a study on Environmental Health Practice and Decentralization in Ghana, showcasing CONIWAS’ commitment to informed decision-making. The presentation also touched upon various policy briefs and position papers developed during the year.

Election of New Executive Committee:

A key highlight of the AGM was the election and introduction of the new executive committee members. Conducted online, the elections for the Northern, Middle, and Southern Coordinators were reported as successful. Beata Awinpoka and Kofi Biscof were cleared to contest the Chairperson and Vice positions unopposed, bringing fresh perspectives and commitment to the organization’s mission.

Vision of New Leadership:

Beata Awinpoka, the Chairperson Aspirant, outlined her vision, focusing on membership drive, leveraging expertise within the coalition, capacity building, and inclusive partnerships. Kofi Biscof, the Vice Chair Aspirant, expressed his vision for financial sustainability, capacity building, and an independent, strong voice for the coalition, while also emphasizing a WASH manifesto and stakeholder engagement for the sector.


With the election results favoring Beata Awinpoka and Kofi Biscof for their respective positions, CONIWAS is poised to enter a new phase of leadership, marked by inclusivity, capacity building, and a strong advocacy voice in the water and sanitation sector. The 2023 AGM stands as a testament to the coalition’s commitment to progress and positive change in the realm of water sanitation.

Below are the newly elected Executive Committee Members for CONIWAS:



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