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CONIWAS Marks World Toilet Day with Focus on ‘Accelerating Change Through Strategic Partnerships; Every Contribution Counts’

Ghana joined the world to mark the World Toilet Day on the 19th of November, a global day set aside to remind everyone about the millions of people in the world who lack proper sanitation. The theme for this year in Ghana is, “Accelerating Change Through Strategic Partnerships; Every Contribution Counts,” underscores the urgency for collaborative efforts in achieving WASH Sustainable Development Goals.

Despite global recognition of water and sanitation as human rights, alarming statistics persist. The WHO/UNICEF report reveals that 1 in 4 people lacks safely managed drinking water, and nearly 1.8 billion endure inadequate sanitation conditions worldwide. In Ghana, progress in water access contrasts starkly with poor sanitation figures, emphasizing the need for concerted action.

Safely managed sanitation is pivotal for child welfare, education, nutrition, and dignity, especially for women and girls. The Government of Ghana, through initiatives like the GAMA project, strives to improve sanitation infrastructure. CONIWAS acknowledges these efforts and urges sustained investment, advocating for the establishment of the National Sanitation Authority.

While Ghana faces challenges in meeting SDGs, CONIWAS emphasizes the importance of collective action, endorsing the Ghana WASH Sector Development Programme for coordinated efforts. The call extends to individuals, communities, and institutions to embrace and maintain clean toilets, with a plea to enforce sanitation bylaws to combat open defecation. On World Toilet Day, CONIWAS rallies for strategic partnerships, recognizing that collective efforts are essential for triumphing over the complex challenges of sanitation.

Please find below the full Statement:

CONIWAS Statement on World Toilet Day

Thank you!!

Executive Secretary

Accra, November 19, 2023

The Coalition of NGOs in Water and Sanitation (CONIWAS) is a membership-based umbrella CSO formed in 2003 to advocate for improved access to WASH services by the poor vulnerable and marginalised population especially women and children. CONIWAS engages in WASH Sector activities using evidence-based actions gathered through its research agenda and experiences from its members most of whom


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